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Use Caution When Buying Used Books!

Use Caution When Buying Used Books!

by Allen Tencati -
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BIO-111 and MAT-143 book costs are included as a fee with your tuition. Spring 2018 is the first semester this is being applied, so any previous books for these courses will not save you money.

Some courses require codes that are usually bundled with the book when you buy it at the bookstore. Some codes can be purchased separately and contain access to an E-book. Some courses may be using a different edition of the book.

Please check the bookstore website or contact the instructor of the course so you do not have to buy books twice.

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Re: Use Caution When Buying Used Books!

by Joy Bukowy -

CIS 110 and  CIS 111 are also included in tuition and fees. These books are from Cengage. There will be a banner ad asking you to purchase Cengage Unlimited. It was accompanied by a countdown timer telling you how long you had to purchase a CU subscription. If you do not have other courses that use Cengage books, you may disregard those notices. Just click the button to go to the course. You do not need a CU subscription for CIS 110 or CIS 111.