Support Services

If you need assistance regarding any of the following services/resources, please contact the following individuals:

Course Access/Open LMS

Melissa Oxendine
Director of Instructional Support
& Distance Learning

Allen Tencati
Student Services Specialist

Open LMS Support Portal
Counseling & Career Services

Susan Moore

Cynthia Quintero
Student Success Counselor

Counseling & Career Resources

Request a Counselor

Information Technology (IT) Percell Hunt
PC Technician
IT Helpdesk Student Support
Library/Learning Resources Maryellen O'Brien
Director of Learning Resource Services

Chat with a Librarian

Records & Registration
(Drop Forms & Transcript Requests)
Carla Locklear
Data & Records Manager

Submit a Drop Form

Request a Transcript

The Learning Center
(Tutoring Assistance)
Vonda Graham
Director of Academic Success
Request a Tutor

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