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Login Directions

by Melissa Oxendine -

Your username and password for the Network, Course Access (Blackboard Open LMS) and WebAdvisor are all the same. 

Your username is first name initial, last name initial and Datatel number (Student ID). Your initial password is first name initial capitalized, last name initial and your birthday in MMDDYY form. For example, if your name is John Doe, your Datatel number is 0700123 and your birthday is 03/05/1986, your login is: Username: jd0700123, Initial Password: Jd030586 (Passwords expire every 90 days.)

Username for the RCC Portal and E-mail:

Required Sexual Assault Prevention Training for Students

by Melissa Oxendine -

All students have been assigned the Sexual Assault Prevention Training that focuses on Title IX and Clery Act to identify and respond to sexual assault on campus, in the workplace, and at home. Please complete this training by the due date. 

Click here for training

Training Starts on: 12/4/19
Training Ends on: 2/14/20

I can’t login or I forgot my password, what do I do?

by Melissa Oxendine -

For security reasons, all passwords are set to expire every 90 days. If you need to change your password, click the following link to access the Password Reset Portal. 

Password Reset         

You should receive notification through email that your password is about to expire beginning 10 days before expiration. Be sure to check your email. If you can’t remember your password to login, then Click on Forgot Password to reset your account using your security questions.

If you are unable to reset your password, you may also request assistance by visiting the ITHelpDesk in Building 13. To maintain security, you must provide a picture ID, RCC student identification number and/or birthdate for verification before account information is released.